I am now putting all the TCE characters into media fire for downloading - obviously only the sims that belong to me.

I will be removing any cc that I use and they will be stripped back to base game items.  I don't actually use a lot of cc mainly store items and eyebrows.  But you will have to forgive me if I do leave something attached - it's hard to catch it all.

All of the sims will have fawkes berry skins. 
Some of the sims do now wear the game colours and there is only one other skin I used  Starfruits ICE skin for white and brown skins but I will let you know which sims they are. 
All of the sims will be Young Adults unless otherwise stated.

All sims will come with dl after their name - you can remove that it was just something to make my life easier so I can pick them out of my saved sim folder easily.


A few rules -  I don't have many.
Please do not change their name or facial features - most of these sims are born in game and I would like them to keep the face they were born with as well as their name.  Other wise you are welcome to change their traits and LTW - redress - recolour and make them over as you like.
Please don't pass them off as your own up or put them up for downloading. 
have fun with them.


because they are not my sims

Crystal ~ Rocky Giggs ~ Omri Ash ~


I am working on adding all of the rainbow characters here 
please bear with me my CAS crashes a lot so I'll do a session a day with it until all of the sims are available.

Please let me know below if you find any problems with the links or the sims


  • Mango Muffin's parents
  • Spicey Muffin
  • Lemon Muffin






  1. Avacado Freeze is Limes first husband (Fern / Forrest / Pine / Jades father) 
  2. Lime Soda is THE LIME also known as Manderine Freeze & Manderine Orchid
  3. I have left Lilly Orchid in game blue (White) because the starfruit skin changed her appearance too much.
  4. Jazz - Jazzberry Charm is in human not vampberry form.
  5. Mace Brown you will find in the Slate/Granite side stories.
  6. Ruby Shine - LOL - if you are brave enough to download this sim - be warned - she is my simself in red skin - and if you've ever encountered Red over on the Simpleton forum - you will know what you are letting yourself in for - she was true to form in the chapters - she's a man eater and puts it about ALOT!!  Turn off auto woohoo - she uses it to its full potential!!  8 children all game created.  All I will say is good luck!! 
  7. River Lane (Mango Muffin Lane) - I have put in the all orange version of him but if anyone would like the blue/orange version of him let me know.
  8. Storm Orchid is a living young adult even though he never got that far in life (cough)
  9. Shale & Silt Stone - Thyme & Turmeric Knight are Granite and Gravel Rock's half brothers.
  10. Pheonix Flame is the red homeless guy that Tapestry met in Sandy Shores.

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