Character Songs.

I listen to music CONSTANTLY and while my favourite is heavy, gothic and symphonic Rock - I do listen to anything and everything depending on my mood.

As I did start Through Colourblind Eyes as a Musicacy / Rainbowacy all of the first generation chapters have a song attached to them.  But I found that the songs and finding a song to fit some chapter was difficult and I sometimes ended up changing the chapter to fit the song and it was taking me away from where I wanted the story to go.  So with generation two I scrapped the songs so I could concentrate on the story.

However it has now become hard to break the habit of attaching songs to chapters I'm often falling on songs that fit what I'm writing even though I'm not using them on the main Through Colourblind Eyes chapters but I have been using them still on the side story chapters.

I so easily attach songs to my rainbow characters more than to the chapters to the point where I can't listen to the songs without thinking about the sim or thinking back to the point where the song fitted their life at the time.  Yes I am officially a nut job!!  Some of the characters that I've become very involved in have a string of songs where as some characters don't have any at all.

So I thought I'd show you what's going on in my head - and where a lot of the story lines past and future evolve and expand from and which sim now belongs to each song in my head.  

Some songs you might not get yet because it is covering chapters yet to come or the character as a whole which hasn't come out completely yet and characters might pop up that you haven't even met yet ..... and of course we all interpret songs in a different way.

This page will be very busy :D


Bayleaf Forrest ~ "Distance ~ Christina Perri" ~x~ "Far Away ~ Nickleback" ~x~

Citrus Jewels ~ "Picking up the Pieces ~ Paloma Faith" ~x~

Cosmic Midnight ~ Just One Last Time ~ David Guetta ~x~ "One Shot ~ JLS" ~x~

Crystal ???  - "Superman ~ Daughtry" ~x~

Granite Rock  - "A Million More Years - Olly Murs"  ~x~ "Story of My Life ~ One Direction" 
~ "Animal I Have Become ~ Three Days Grace" ~x~ "Ask Me to Stay ~ Olly Murs" ~x~
~ "Let Me Go ~ Gary Barlow" ~x~ "Please Forgive Me ~ Bryan Adams" ~x~

Gravel Rock  -  "Trying Not to Love you - Nickleback" ~x~ "Dirty Little Secret ~ All American Rejects" ~x~

Forrest ??? - "Breathing ~ Jason Derulo" ~x~ "The Man Who Can't be Moved ~ The Script" ~x~ If You Ever Come Back ~ The Script ~x~

Lilly Orchid"You Needed Me ~ Boyzone" ~x~ "The Story of Your Life ~ We The Kings" ~x~
Mango Muffin"More Than This - One Direction"  ~x~  "My Immortal ~ Evanescence" ~x~ ~ "Going Under ~ Evanescence" ~x~

Mace Brown ~ "Just Be ~ Paloma Faith" ~x~ "Pain ~ Three Days Grace" ~

Parsley Orchid  ~ "Apologize ~ One Republic" ~x~ "Thing for You ~ Hinder" ~

Prelude Orchid - ~"She Wolf ~ David Guetta" ~x~  "Baptized ~ Daughtry" ~x~ "Drown in You ~ Daughtry" ~x~ "One of These Days ~ Olly Murs" ~

Slate Rock  ~ Last to know ~ Three Days Grace ~x~ "Unconditionally ~ Katy Perry" ~x~ "Wide Awake ~ Katy Perry" ~

Strawberry Shine ~ "30 Minute Love Affair" ~Paloma Faith ~x~

Tapestry Orchid - "Radioactive ~ Daughtry cover" ~x~ "Roar ~ Katy Perry" 
~x~  "Numb ~ Linkin Park" ~x~ "If You Could See Me Now ~ The Script" ~

Shadow Orchid - "Iris" ~ Goo Goo Dolls" ~x~


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