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Character Background - Rocky


Rocky is now in his mid 20's and has already established himself as a world famous rock star.  
Born into an already very famous music family, being musically talented, Rocky was always expected to make it big in the world of music because of his fathers involvement in the music industry.  However, contrary to general opinion, Rocky has made his own mark on the music world without any help from his old man, who he only ever refers to as 'Grumpy Grape'.


Rocky is the youngest and third child of Jade and Gilbert Grape.  Gilbert grew up in a very poor family and his passion was always music, even though his parents could never afford to buy him the musical instruments that he always longed for. He took on a string of part time jobs after school and saved up the money to buy his own.  Gilbert chased a career in music unsuccessfully, always being told he was not quite good enough.  He gained employment at Apple records, he soon found that his talent lay more in the business side of the music industry, he had a keen eye and ear for spotting musical talent, he helped Apple capture quite a string of wanna be artists who became world famous.  He became very keen to learn everything about the running of this company and once he thought he'd learnt from them all that he could, he took a very big risk and broke away and started his own record label, which soon began competing with Apple records who eventually became his biggest rivals.

Gilbert and Jades marriage caused a little controversy with some - the word colour mixing was banded around by a few.  Jade being Teal and Gilbert being Green.  Teal has always been one of those colours that has been well debated ... some think it a shade of blue while others see it as a shade of green.  While a majority see Teal as being green the minority class it as a blue or even a stand alone colour of it's own.  As the years rolled on and Gilbert gained more money, power and fame ... the colour of his wife and children was over looked and very rarely questioned.

Gilbert was very disappointed that his first two children showed no interest or talent musically.  So when Rocky came along showing prospect he doted on the boy.  His record label already well established he could afford to buy Rocky the best of everything, the best instruments that money could buy, he employed the best music teachers and he sent his son to the best music school. Gilbert could see a lot of potential in his youngest son ... he wanted him to have the career that he never managed for himself.


Rocky hated his early childhood for a few reason, he's always classed himself as a mixed teal and green berry even though he was born and lives in the world ruled by colour.  His mix of colour has always been commented on, but pretty much overlooked ... something else that he thinks his Father bought with his money, power and fame.  

Even though Rocky had a passion for music, his father almost suffocated him with his expectations.  Gilbert always on his back pushing him to do better, he always made him feel like he was not good enough, always being told he could do better. While the other children of his age were out playing and having fun like children should, Rocky was under the constant watch of his Father after school taking a string of music and singing lessons, and at the age of 10 he was packed off to one of the best music schools money could pay for.

Rocky hated being away from home, especially being away from his Mother who he was very close to, but he didn't really miss his overbearing Father.  Rocky also hated that he was always judged because of who his father is ... he's Gilbert Grapes son and nobody ever let him forget that, he was even teased by the other children attending his school, because everyone expected he was going to get everything handed to him on a plate ... he will get that record contract and a career in the music industry when he's old enough even if he is not good enough ... because his Dad who owns one of the biggest record labels on the planet will just give it him ... that was the general opinion of most people that he met.  Rocky hated it!!

The turning point in Rocky's life was when he was in his early teens and his Mother became ill.  She was diagnosed with having cancer, she became very sick very quickly.  Rocky asked to come home but Gilbert would have none of it ... he had to stay in school and continue with his music education, school holidays were the only time he got to spend with his ailing Mother.  Everything was always about the music with Gilbert and Rocky started to get very angry and hate his Father because of it.  

Rocky fell apart when his Mother passed away during term time ... he will never forgive his Father for making him miss the last few months of her life keeping him in the school that he now hated.  He started to rebel, he wanted to be a normal teenager, the loss of his Mother affected him badly and he started to take his rebellion against his father to the extreme ... drinking, smoking, drugs, girls, parties, Rocky was doing it all.  It didn't take long for him to go completely off the rails, getting into trouble with the police and school ... Gilbert was livid with Rocky's behaviour and the more he shouted at Rocky the more it pushed Rocky to do it.  Within a year of his Mothers passing, Rocky had got himself expelled from the school and he was moved back home by his very angry Father.

The relationship between Rocky and Gilbert totally broke down and Rocky walked out after a huge argument, leaving home and going to live with his older brother who was now married and had a child on the way.

Being away from Gilbert, Rocky soon started to pull himself together, his brother enrolled him in a main stream school where he finished his education.  He still had his own passion for music and wanted to pursue a career in music but was going to do it on his own terms and without any help from Gilbert, who he now refused to call Dad.  


After graduation Rocky changed his surname from Grape to Giggs, his mothers maiden name, and went out into the world to chase his music career.

Gilbert was far from impressed the day he found out his own son had signed a record deal with his main rivals Apple Records.


The relationship between Gilbert and Rocky over the years has improved a little, they are working on trying to get that Father Son bond back,  but there relationship is still very unstable, not helped by Rocky's continued refusal to switch record labels, he is determined never to sign to his Fathers label, scared of giving him the chance to get back that overbearing control that he had over him when he was a child.  Even though he knows one day Grape Studio's will be his through inheritance.

Rocky, unlike most of his fellow famous artists, has never paid any attention to groupies and the endless stream of women throwing themselves at him, he has been happily dating his girlfriend Lacey, who is teal, since high school.  They have now been married for about a year and have their first child on the way which Rocky is very excited about.  He tries to keep his private life well away from the public eye.

The Future

Rocky is looking forward to the arrival of his first child, planning on a large family of his own, he has no intention of pushing any of his children to follow in his footsteps ... he intends to let them chose their own path in life.

He is already a world famous rock star ... there is no where else for him to go with his career, all he can do now is enjoy the ride while it lasts and give his children the chance of a good future.

He can only see a rosy future ahead of him .... let's hope he's right!!

Rocky's first makes his appearance in Generation 2 - Chapter 22
Rocky belongs to Whitewavedlc
thanks for letting me play with him AGAIN - lol :D


  1. Your welcome!!!
    Great background for him! I must say that was a very clever way of letting him keep his original name!

    Can't wait to see what the family gets up to.

    1. I thought you might like that ;) It just didn't feel right calling him something else :D

  2. Ooo, he looks interesting. Can't wait to see him in the next chapter :)

    1. he's one of my favourite born in game sims :D he ends up in all of my legacy's somewhere lol

  3. I don't know why, but I like Rocky a lot! I like that he is teal and green and he got away with living in that color coded town. I wonder if I like him a lot because he's defying the rules in a way, even though I know part of the reason people look the other way is because of his father's fame. XD It was cool to learn a little bit about his childhood, I didn't know he was at odds with his father because of music.