Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Character Background - Denim Clay

Denim is now in his late 30's and he has been homeless and living on the streets of Rainbow Valley for nearly five years, he has no friends or family to speak of.


Denim was born into a blue berry family, he was an only child, his parents had him late in life, because of medical problems they didn't expect that they would ever be able to have any children so were very surprised and happy when Denim came along.  They have both now passed away from old age.


Denim had a very happy childhood with a good upbringing, doted on by both of his parents and very spoiled as they knew he would be their only child, a child that they had longed for for many years and never thought they would have.  Denim academically did fairly well at school, his intelligence pretty average for a child of his age but his main passion while he was growing up and what he excelled at all through school was sport.


Denim always wanted a career in sports and as soon as he graduated he gained employment at the sports stadium in Rainbow Valley , he really enjoyed his job and worked hard trying to achieve his life time wish of becoming a Sports Legend.  Denim worked his way up to Team Captain before his life fell apart from around him, he fell apart and he ended up being fired from his job.


Denim met his wife Afina, who also worked at the sports stadium until their first child came along. They married after only a few years of dating and started a family straight away, the had three children in quick succession, two girls and a boy but planned on more, both Denim and Afina wanted a large family.

Life So Far

Life was very good for Denim for a while, happily married with three young children, they had their own house and Denim had his dream job, he thought his future was going to be good.  He was very wrong.  One day while he was at work, he got a telephone call that was to drastically change his life ... his wife and three children had been involved in a car accident, a drunk driver had run Afina's car off the road.  By the time Denim reached the hospital his wife and three children had all faded.  He was devastated, not being a very emotionally strong man, he fell to pieces and started drinking because it was the only way that he could find to cope with the loss of his family.  His dependency on alcohol started to get out of hand, and it started to show at work, with him turning up late and drunk, far from able to do his job properly.  It got too much and he was eventually fired from his job.  Denim had bills and a mortgage to pay, with no money coming in he soon found himself in debt and when the bank repossessed his house for non payment of the mortgage he became homeless.  For a while he moved around sleeping on his mates couches, but it didn't take long for those friendships to become strained, his mates had their owns lives and families and he was becoming a burden to them.   He soon found himself out on the streets sleeping rough with all the other homeless people in town and that is where he has been for the past five years.

The Future

To Denim he has no future ... living on the streets with the rest of the homeless people trapped in a vicious circle that they can't get themselves out of  ... he's already tired and doesn't expect to survive too many more winters out on the streets.  He's long lost both the fight and the will to live and wishes every day that his suffering will soon be over.

Is he destined to live the rest of his life on the streets??


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  1. T_T Poor Denim.
    It's such a sad cycle that being homeless is. No one will help, and when you try to help yourself, a lot of times you get turned down.