Tuesday 4 March 2014

Character Background - Crystal

Crystal is in her early 20's she thinks.  She presumes she was born in Amber Meadows the place that she ran away from when she was a child.  She ended up in Rainbow Valley where she has lived ever since alone and homeless.  

She doesn't really know any true facts about herself other than her name is Crystal, she doesn't know exactly how old she is, who her parents were, her surname or even when her birthday is.  She has one possession to her name - a yellow teddy bear that she has managed to keep since she was a child.  Crystal is quite a mystery, even to herself.  


Crystal can barely remember her parents now, she can no longer see their faces in her mind, she has done her best to try and wipe them from her memory.  They never loved her so why should she care!!

Crystal was born colourless, and has always been led to believe that her parents were yellow but this was only ever presumed because of the colour of her teddy bear.  As far as she knows she was an only child, she never remembers any other children being around when her parents were in her life.   Crystals parents abandoned her when she was a toddler.


All she can remember about her toddler years is being constantly shut away in the same room which she presumes now might have been her bedroom and the only thing she had to play with was her yellow teddy bear which was also her only company.  She can not remember anything about her parents, all that she does knew is that she was neither loved or wanted.

Crystal was left on the doorstep of a childrens home during the middle of the night with just her yellow teddy bear and a note saying her name is Crystal.  Crystal couldn't walk or talk when she was left outside the home, but she appeared to be well fed and well dressed and there were no signs of abuse.  Her parents were never found. 

Crystal was kept at the home where she had been abandoned, in the hope that her parents would return for her but they never did.  Crystal was quick to realize that her colourlessness caused everybody a very big problem.  The other children either constantly bullied or avoided her, the staff gave her a wide birth, nobody even tried to get close to her ... she was basically shunned and alone.  She wasn't even encourage to go to school like the other children because the school wouldn't take her because she was colourless.  She can not read or write because she has never been taught to, never having any education at all. 

After quite a vicious bullying attack by a group of the other children living in the home, she decided to run away ... she knew that nobody would miss her, she even imagined that her leaving would be a blessing to everyone ... so in the middle of the night she ran away to a different town taking only her teddy bear with her.

Life changed drastically after that, she was far from prepared to survive out on the street of Rainbow Valley, especially being a child who already hardly knew anything about how the world works ... but she had to learn fast, she was alone and homeless. 

She learnt quickly how to survive by watching from a distance how the other homeless people in town coped with life.  The other homeless people, who hung around together in groups, excluded her because of her lack of colour, even though she was only just a child who needed to be taken care of ... she knew life was never going to change for her when even the other homeless people didn't want to know her ... in fact, nobody cared about the dirty colourless child running bare foot around town, even the police turned the other cheek to her existence, a child with colour would have been taken off the streets and put into care.  Crystal was left well alone to get on with it ... she suspected they hoped she would fade left to her own devises at such a young age ... she had to learn how to fight in any which way she could to survive.

From a very early age Crystal has been seeing ghosts, and like everybody else in this world, they treat her the same way, with contempt.  She doesn't realize that seeing ghosts is not normal for everyone, she thinks everyone can see them because she has never had anyone tell her otherwise.


Crystal's life up to now has been a very long and lonely road ...  she has never experienced love, never had a single friend, she's always been isolated away from the rest of the people in this world because of her lack of colour ... She trusts nobody and is scared of anyone who comes anywhere near her.  Crystal has always been treated badly for being homeless, but even worse for her lack of colour, she is an outcast, ridiculed and sneered at, attacked and abused, shunned by society because she is abnormal ... void of colour ... something that they don't understand in their world filled with colour. 


Crystal doesn't see anything in her future ... why would there be, she is colourless, the whole world hates her because of what she is ... a colourless abnormality that has no place in this world ... this is her lot and she can't ever see it changing.  She only sees her life as being very lonely and short.

Until a strange orange guy, out of the blue, gives her money for food ... the first act of kindness she's ever experienced in her life.  He starts to chase her around town trying to talk to her, but she can't understand why or what he might want from her, when everyone else makes a point of avoiding her.   She tries to avoid the orange guy ... she doesn't trust him ... why should he be any different to everyone else?!

Crystals first appearence - Generation 2 - Chapter 19 

A song in Crystals future - Traffic Light - Daughtry


  1. Oh that poor girl! She has had a very hard and sad life.

    1. Yes she has :( lets hope it gets better!!

  2. People can be so cruel just based on appearances. It's sad really. I'm happy that strange orange guy came along. ;) LOL.