Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rock 14

Animal I have become ......


I am not really sure if I have managed to convince Forrest to take off out of town for a while.   Knowing Forrest he will dig his heels in and refuse to go.  He has waited twenty long years to get his hands on Granite.   Once he's got over the shock of Mace, I doubt not even that will stop him from going after Granite.

I am really worried that Forrest will hunt Granite down and tell him everything.  If he does that, then it's over for me ... I WILL lose EVERYTHING and I am NOT going to let that happen!!! 

I snap my phone open and send a text.  I start to get irritated as I pace impatiently around the garden waiting for him to ring me back when the coast is clear his end.  

My phone doesn't take long to ring and I answer it quickly.

"Yow!!"  he laughs down the phone 

"We've got a problem!!"  I snap at him  "I don't think Forrest fell for it!!  He is on his way into the hospital right now!  You need to park yourself outside the main doors and watch where he goes!!"

"Totally useless you are Gravel!!  I told you didn't I - I don't know why you don't just let me at him and I'll finish it right now - problem solved!"  he laughs

"NO!!  I don't want Granite falling TOTALLY to pieces because you've bumped off the love of his life before my boy gets his kidney you know that!!"  I snap at him  "We do this MY WAY remember.  Back off Forrest until I say so!!  If you had done your job properly Granite wouldn't be here to create this problem!!  You being back in Sugar Valley is risk enough!!"

"Twat!!  If you had given me some warning that they were tracking him down, I would have been better prepared!!  I could have destroyed his passport to give us time to think but he had it in his hand before I could get to it!!  You should have stopped them from tracking him down IDIOT!! "  He snaps at me  "You was not paying attention because you was too busy getting your leg over your boys Mrs, which might I remind you has created this new situation in the first place - you are slipping and slacking Gravel!!"

"Seriously don't start getting smart with me boy!!  I can out smart you anytime and don't you forget it!!"  he starts laughing at me  "I need you to sit on Granite at the hospital.  DO NOT let him go wandering off where he might bump into Forrest - drag him into the linen cupboard if you have to  - just call it part of your education!!"  I start laughing at him

"Slime ball!!  You was listening!!  Enjoy the show did you?!  I wouldn't put it past you to watch as well as listen!!  You should have joined us we could have had a threesome, I know you don't have any morals in that department!"  he starts laughing at me as I swear at him.  "And what was all that crap about his watch last night, you twat, sentimental and crying my ass ... he hates that damn watch, so what were you helping him to hide now?"

"Oh just something he doesn't realize you already know - the marriage - I told him he is still married and he nearly shit his pants because of you and sparing your feelings!!"  I laugh at him  "You just keep sucking his dick like you are and you might just do it!!  I really underestimated you Mace, I never imagine you'd even get this far with him!!  He has obviously got some sort of feelings for you, which I never expected!!" 

"I can play anyone you know that!!  I played you a blinder remember and Granite is a piece of chocolate cake in comparison!!"  he starts laughing  "I could even play your Mrs, you know me I'm not fussy and it's been a while since I've had a piece of skirt!!"

"Touch Coral and trust me it will be the last game you ever play!!  and you shouldn't have reminded me about that either because I still owe you a good slapping don't I!!"  he starts laughing at me then stops suddenly.

"Eye up ... your grumpy green upset looking brother is coming in my direction!!"  he laughs  "Another twat still wearing his wedding ring I notice!!  Just let me do it!!  I could take him right now, just say the word!  He looks like he needs putting out of his misery anyway!!"

"DON'T You lay one finger on him yet!!!  Just make sure he heads for neurology and not intensive care!!"  He goes quiet and I just listen.  "Mace I seriously need them keeping apart, the minute Forrest gets hold of Granite he's going to tell him everything!!  I don't care what you have to do, excluding the obvious,  just don't let them see each other."

"Hey, what do you expect me to do cut their eyes out!! and don't think I'm spending all day doing this!!  Forrest is your responsibility remember, you come and sort him out and leave me to look after Granite!!"  he snaps  "Talking of which, I need to go back before he starts to wander where I am.  Get Forrest out of town today Gravel or I am warning you - I WILL - in a box!!"

"Chill Macey boy, I'll be in to sort him out shortly, just keep Granite busy - I hear you are good at giving him a headache and the run around!!"

"I'm the best - you should know!!  So when is Granite getting a dose of your crap?"

"As soon as I've packed Forrest off I'll be down to dish it to him, so get prepared to make yourself scarce, you'll need to keep Bay busy!  Now get lost I've got another phone call to make!"

Mace laughs down the phone before he switches it off. 

I knew I would always be kicking myself over this!!  My own weak moments always screw me over ... if I hadn't been having a weak moment I would never have told Forrest anything in the first place!!  I am my own worst enemy sometimes!! 

I really need to get Forrest out of town until after Mace takes Granite back to Cherry Hill, and I think I know just the man who can help me do it!!

"Hey Dad!"  I laugh at him  "Are you very busy?"

"DON'T YOU EVEN GO THERE WITH THAT ONE GRAVEL ROCK!!"  Mango yells loudly down the phone at me "You cheeky son of a bitch!!  What do you want?"  he snaps then starts laughing

"A few things, firstly Coral wants to know if you are still paying for her wedding?"  I hold my breath waiting for him to shout again. 

"NO I BLOODY WELL AM NOT!!  Especially as she is marrying you!!"  I start laughing at him, I can just picture the look that Mango might have on his face right now.

"Don't worry I wasn't even expecting you too and I told her you would say exactly that!  I've asked you now so maybe she will stop nagging me!"  he starts laughing  "I've told her money isn't a problem but you know what women are like, especially Coral!  She thinks if I don't ask you you'll have a hissy fit if I go a head and pay for everything when you think it's your job."

"You knock yourself out Gravel - if you want to marry my daughter then you can damn well pay for it yourself - I don't want any part of it!!  I would much rather she was marrying someone her own age who isn't you - your son for instance!!"  he goes quiet for a minute and I just laugh at him.   

"At least Slate had the decency to come and ask me if he could marry my daughter first!! I notice you haven't come knocking my door down Gravel with the same decency!!"

"What for? Just so you can kick my but again?  Man you are such a stuffed shirt.  You will only say NO if I ask anyway!   So what is the point of me wasting my breath and your time when Coral will just get her way in the end anyway, regardless of what you say.   She's a grown up now remember!"

"I'm not happy about this Gravel ... far from it ... berry help you if you ARE the father of those two girls!!!  It's ridiculous!!  If I'd known when we were kids that you was going to do this in the future to my daughter ... remember that tree we got stuck up in together, well instead of waiting for Granite to help us down - I would have bloody pushed you out of it myself!!"

"You would never have done it ... you love me too much!!"  I laugh at him.

"Like HELL do I!!"  he yells at me I can't help but really laugh, he's so easy to wind!!  "Seriously Gravel, if this is happening and I can't stop it .... don't you think you should wait until Slate is awake and back on his feet before you two start talking weddings!"  he snaps at me  "Why all the rush again anyway?  It's not like you two getting married is going to make this situation any better, in fact for Slate it might just make it worse especially if those babies are his and not yours!!"

"It's your fault ... that daughter of yours throws mega tantrums to get what she wants ... you spoiled her!!  I've tried to tell her but she won't listen - just like she wouldn't listen last time.  It's full steam a head and nobody is stopping her not even me!!  You know better than I do, Daddies little princess always gets what she wants - including me!!"  

I hear Mango grunt loudly before he starts swearing down the phone at me.

"So have you quit bugging me now - can I go?  I have work to do."  he snaps over me laughing at him  "Shouldn't you be out looking for my two boys and that green evil bitch!!  It's no wander you haven't found them yet, you are too busy messing about with my daughter and everyone's heads!!"

"Now don't be like that ... you KNOW we are doing our best to find them!!"

"Well obviously your best is not good enough and I'll believe that when they are back home in one piece!!"  he snaps  "Now I really must go Gravel I don't want to hold you up from finding my boys!! "

"No Mango wait!!   The main reason why I'm phoning you is because I am really worried about Forrest's state of mind.  I was talking to him earlier about Granite and he got himself into a right state!!"

"You and me both - I've got him in my office right now virtually in pieces!"  he laughs sarcastically  "I had to step out when I noticed your number flashing up on my phone, I might have known you would have had a hand in his upset somehow!!"

"Can you keep him there Mango!  I'm coming in to sort him out, and whatever you do don't let Granite anywhere near him, it's likely to send him off his rocker especially if Mace is with him!!"  he doesn't say anything  "I don't suppose you can give Forrest some time off because I think it would be good for him to get away right now.  I think I should send him to Meadows out of the way so he doesn't get hurt anymore, just while Granite is here."

"He is in such a state he's not fit to work anyway!!  I half suspected this would be coming for Forrest the moment I saw Mace step off the plane with Granite!!  Going to his sister's might not be such a bad idea for him actually, he hasn't taken any vacation time for years so he can have as much time off as he needs as far as I'm concerned.  His theatre schedule is going to have to be rearranged whether he's here or not judging by the state of him at the moment!!"

"Good!!  Thanks Mango, I think it's definitely what he needs right now.  The last thing I need is Forrest cracking up on me on top of everything else that is going on!!"  

"Oh so you finally remember he is your brother again then?!"  he laughs sarcastically  "When it suits you Gravel!!"

"Seriously Mango do we really need to go into all this right now!!  I know we've had our disagreements and it's been rocky for a while but it still doesn't mean I don't care about him!!"

"Gravel Rock caring about someone other than himself that is a first!!" he says  sarcastically  "Mate what are you up to ... ?"

"Ha! ha! very funny Mango!!  I'm looking out for my brother that's what I'm up to!!  This has always been hard for me remember - I am the one stuck in the middle of Forrest and Granite - now I've got them both in town I feel like I'm being pulled from pillar to post and I'm really worried about Forrest right now because he is the one hurting while Granite is happy and moved on!!"

"Yeah I guess it must be pretty awkward for you being stuck in the middle now they are at logger heads!!"  he laughs sarcastically  "Just like it's been awkward for me being stuck between you, Slate and Forrest never quite understanding why the boy doesn't have a clue about the family who were good enough to adopt you Gravel, and especially your own blood brother!!" 

"You know my reasons for that - would you want your kids having the shame of knowing they had a alcoholic drug taking criminal Uncle in prison - he wasn't here so he just has never been talked about!!  Didn't your family do exactly the same thing with Manderine!!"  I throw at him but he doesn't say anything  "It was bad enough Slate having to grow up without a mother without knowing he has an Uncle that isn't here either, then my adopted family moved out of town - more people not here I didn't want to tell him, the poor kid would have felt well and truly dumped by everybody!!  He had enough to deal with not having a Mother like all the other kids!!  It was better he didn't know about any of them at all, to save him the added upset."

"Okay, I get your point but it's all going to blow up in your face now Gravel when Slate wakes up, especially as Granite is far from that alcoholic drug taking criminal in prison that you THOUGHT he was all these years, its going to blow up in your face just like Lime has blown up in ours!!"

"Yeah I know - but that's for me to deal with isn't it and right now I need to deal with Forrest before he or this situation gets any worse!!  Granite is well into Mace and I really don't want Forrest to see it going on and from what Granite told me last night Mace is the jelous possessive type, he's likely to scratch Forrests eyes out if he goes anywhere near Granite!!   Forrest is upset enough without Granite rubbing his face right in it or Mace laying into him!!  You and me both know Forrest has been stupid hanging onto the hope that Granite is going to come back one day and it's all going to be hearts and flowers!!  Now he's going to suffer for it and he might not want to go to Meadows but I think it really is the best thing for him right now don't you!!"

"I guess!!"  he starts laughing  "And I guess the next thing is I'm going to be the one who gets the job of taking him to Meadows aren't I!!  I doubt he's in any fit state to drive himself right now, out into the coded world where you can't go without your disguise!!"

"Would you?!  Mango you are a star!!"  I start laughing because he walked right into that one!!  "It will save me having to dye my hair and explaining to Granite where I'm off too in case he thinks I'm taking sides which will just set us off arguing.  Coral doesn't need it right now does she!!  I've got to tell Granite about Mommy fading yet, I'm really not looking forward to that!!"

"What did you actually tell Forrest anyway?  I could hardly get a word out of him, he just completely cracked up on me!!"

"It was finding out about Mace and how into each other they are that has unhinged him.  So the last thing that he needs right now is to see Mace and Granite together - which worries me because they are both at the hospital visiting Slate."

"I'll keep him in my office, but hurry up Gravel, I've got to start rearranging stuff if I'm taking Forrest to your sisters and I have stuff to do later this afternoon that I really can't be putting off!!"

"I'll leave now I should be there in about fifteen minutes."

After telling Coral I have to pop out on police business.  I make a quick phone call to Meadow telling her to expect Forrest for a while and give her a quick explanation of why and how upset he is.  Like I expected she went ballistic, she was all set for jumping in her car and coming to knock Granites head off, but she can't leave Paps on his own and he's not well enough to be traveling so I knew she couldn't come even if she wanted to. 

I know once Meadow gets her claws into Forrest, she'll try to keep him there permanently.  They have been begging him for years to join them in Raspberry Hill but he has stayed firmly rooted in Sugar Valley pathetically waiting for Granite to return.

I make my way straight to the hospital and head for neurology and Mango's office.

When I knock on the door Mango shouts me in.  Forrest is sat slouched over in a chair with his head on his hand while Mango is sat down on the floor talking to him.  Forrest looks up and glares at me.

"Just get lost Gravel I don't even want to see your face right now you back stabbing Berry Hole!!  Go mess someone elses life up and but out of mine!!"  Forrest snivels as he glares at me which makes Mango frown at the both of us.  

I know Forrest blames me for Granite leaving and staying away - it is my fault - I made it happen.  I just hope he hasn't cracked enough to tell Mango any of the truth!!  Mango especially is one of the very last people I want finding out the truth.

"Like I told you on the phone bro - please don't shoot the messenger - I can't control what Granite is doing and saying!!  I'm on your side here remember not his!!  He's well out of order swanning back into town with his new bitch saying the things he's saying!!"

"Yeah right and don't bro me anymore Gravel, the only side you're ever on is your own!!  THIS is ALL your fault remember!!  If you cared you would be out there fixing it!!"  he snaps as I hold my breath hoping he won't go any further.  "Now get lost will you - the last think I need in my face right now is your slimy brown skin and face reminding me of him!!"  he puts his head in his hands and totally cracks up.

Forrest has got himself into such a state over what I told him earlier that he's starting to heave and he looks like he's about to pass out.  Mango is trying to calm him down while I just stand back and watch.  How the hell can he still love and be getting himself into such a state over Granite after all this time?!  

I thought the years apart would break them, but obviously I was very wrong!!

I half suspect Granite will do exactly the same when it's his turn for my meddling - they are both just so totally pathetic!!
I really loved Amber and when she faded it nearly faded me, it was only having Slate to look after that helped me keep my head on a level.  She faded around about eight months after Granite and Forrest were separated, so it has been roughly about the same amount of time for me.  I hardly think about Amber these days and it no longer hurts, I can't even say if I still love her or not  - so what the hell is wrong with the pair of them?!  It should be well and truly over and done with for the both of them after all this time but clearly it isn't!!

"I'm not going anywhere before you even start - stuff it - this needs sorting out!!"  Forrest scowls at me as I sit down next to him

"Forrest - you seriously need to go to Meadows away from his shit!!  He doesn't give a shit about you obviously, he's brought his bitch with him, flaunting him around in front of everyone while he knows he's still married to you!!  I had a go at him, I told him he was out of order and how much this is going to hurt you because you still love him - he just laughed in my face and said that's your problem for being so pathetic!!  It's over and done with for him!!  You just need to let it go!!"

"I seriously can't believe he'd say that!!"

"Well he did and I'm sorry, he has always been a selfish berry hole, all the shit he put us through with his drinking and drugs - I don't know why you expected anything different from him!!"

"I know him inside out that's why and he's never been anywhere near as bad as you like to make him out to be Gravel and you know it!!  He's ten times the person you'll ever be even with his addictions!!  The way he's just dropped everything and come back here to give Slate, who he doesn't even know, one of his kidneys shows you that!!"  he snaps at me.  "You on the other hand ..."  he is starting to make me angry, I jump in quickly to stop him from saying anything else especially in front of Mango. 

"HOW can you STILL sit there and defend him after everything that he's done to you!!  Forrest as soon as the kidney transplant is done, he's back off home to play happy families and marry his bitch.  I've already told you he's said he doesn't want to even see or speak to you ... he said he doesn't want reminding of the bad parts of his past, especially you.  WAKE UP!!  You have been STUPID to sit here hanging on to the hope he'd come back feeling like you do!!"  I snap at him and he only reacts by starting to cry again.

"Why put yourself through the shit ... you need to get out of town while he's here, do you seriously want to watch him rubbing his bitch in your face?"  I snap at him  "I don't care what you say or how much you argue ... you are going to Meadows whether you want to or not, its for your own good and Mango agrees with me - he's taking you there!!  I've spoken to Meadow and told her what's going on and she's all set to come and fetch you anyway but she can't leave Paps alone, so you are outnumbered - you are going - end of!!

"Forrest Gravel is right ... you need to go to Meadows, if for no other reason than to sort your head out, you are not fit to work especially not in theatre and I am not going to let you!!  I'm giving you as much leave as you need and I don't want you back here until you are fit to be at work without endangering the patients lives!!"  Mango tells him and he just stares at him for a moment.

"It doesn't look like I've got much choice does it!!"  

Forrest snaps at Mango before he starts to crack up again.  We both just sit there watching him for a moment.  He's getting himself into a state again, then he starts really heaving.  I thought he was going to throw up all over Mango who jumps to his feet quickly, I think he must have thought the same.

"I think we need to get you outside and into the fresh air while I sort out your theatre slot scheduled for this afternoon!!"  Mango says to him as he frowns down at Forrest with a worried look on his face  "I don't want you throwing up all over my office floor!!"  he laughs a little and so does Forrest between sobs.  

Then Mango looks at me, I guess he's just about to give me the job of taking Forrest outside, but I have a better idea!  It's a little risky and a long shot but if it pulls off, I can finish them off today completely without any blood being spilled!!  I pull Mango to one side.

"I need to go down to Intensive Care and make sure Granite is down there and not wandering around the hospital visiting the coffee shop.  The last thing we need is for them to bump into each other while he's in this state, especially as Mace is with him, we don't want it blowing up or Forrest having a total melt down in the corridors!!"  I whisper to him quietly Mango rolls his eyes  "You can see Forrest is down with me at the moment and so will Granite be if he sees me taking Forrest's side, I don't want to be stuck in between the two of them!!  Maybe one of the male doctors should take him out just in case he passes out or something while I keep Granite distracted."

"Yeah I think we do need to keep them apart I don't want Forrest having a nervous breakdown on me - we've already got Bay cracking up and most of the Shines because of Honey and the baby!!  Much more to worry about and I'll be joining them!!"  

I laugh at him for a moment doubting that Mango is even capable of cracking up!  He's always been as strong as a brick wall - full of starch is how Granite describes him.  Two of his sons are missing and not likely now to actually make it home alive and only days after Honey and his Grandchild have faded and he's at work hardly showing any signs of it.

"I could fade my brother for what he's done to Forrest!!"  

"I knew Forrest was going to get upset with Granite coming home with Mace but I didn't think he'd get like this after all this time!!  and I have to say I'm pretty shocked with how Granite is treating him, I remember how they used to be together, Forrest used to be his life, neither of them could function without each other - Granite has really gone down in my books!!"  Mango frowns at Forrest for a moment 

"See this is why I HAVE to get Forrest away from it all!!  Granite will totally destroy him, then when this is all over he'll swan off back to Cherry Hill and leave me with a wrecked brother to sort out!!"  Mango frowns at Forrest again  "You remember what he was like last time it took him YEARS to pull himself together - its coming again!!"

"We need to get him outside and away from here!!  I'll have a look and see who is not busy, I'll get him out for some fresh air and get him put in my car while I just finish this up, I can't just leave it hanging it needs sorting before I take Forrest home to pack."  

He opens the door and calls Dr Blush in.  

"Cardinal, I noticed you are just standing around and doing nothing so you are obviously not busy!"  Mango cracks me up and so does the look on Cardinals face.  "I need you to do something for me.  Forrest is feeling a little emotion he's had some bad news.  Can you take him outside for some fresh air.  Sit him on the benches for a while and when he's calmed down a little can you take him to my car and stay with him until I get there."  Mango says to Cardinal as he hands him his car keys.  "I shouldn't be long. 

"How long do you think you will be Dr Muffin because I've got a patient due in just under an hour."  Cardinal asks Mango

"Don't worry I shouldn't be that long, I'm just arranging cover for a few theatre slots Forrest has booked for this afternoon."  Mango smiles at him  "Fifteen - twenty minutes tops and I'll be with you!"

"Have you been delivering bad news again Gravel?"  Cardinal laughs at me and I can quite imagine why.  I've become a regular visitor to his home lately, one of his boys, who we have nicknamed the red devil at the station, is always being hauled in for getting into trouble!  "Nothing too serious I hope!!"  he says frowning worriedly at Forrest.

"Just a bit of family trouble.  Talking of which, is that boy of your's behaving himself?  I haven't seen him for a few days!!"  I say trying to change the subject

"Yeah, we've sent him to his Grandparents for a while, you know my wife isn't too well at the moment and she really doesn't need the little devils stress right now."  I smile at him

"You are Forrest's mate aren't you?"  he smiles and nods   "Good because you might need to hold Forrest up he went a funny shade of yellow a while ago, he's got himself into such a state I'm worried he might pass out, collapses or something!"  Cardinal laughs at me.  

I hear Mango start lauging from behind me from where he is sat at the computer,

"Stop being so dramatic Gravel!!  You need to stop spending so much time with Coral, she's rubbing off on you already!!"  Mango laughs at me.  "You'll be suggesting we take him out on a stretcher next - he's heartbroken not medically ill or fading!!"

I hear a stifled laugh come from Forrest and all three of them start laughing at me.  

Cardinal puts his arm round Forrest and walks him out of Mango's office.

I head down to intensive care a little amused.

I just hope this pulls off, then I'll be the one laughing!!! 

I sit down quietly.  Mace and Granite haven't even noticed my arrival too busy with their tongues down the back of each others throats.  I laugh to myself knowing I've only got ten minutes tops to crack Granite.

I'm really going to enjoy this!!

PART TWO (coming tomorrow)

Song ~ Animal I have Become ~ Three Days Grace

Cardinal Blush is not one of my sims.  Cardinal belongs to Kelsey and he can be downloaded from Kelsey's blog - thanks for the borrow Kelsey :D  I'll try to be gentle with him - lol 


  1. WTF...O_o

    Mace is some kind of hitman!! Well I sure as hell didn't see that coming...lol I didn't much care for Mace but...really...he is playing Granite! You know there is a special place in hell for Gravel and Granite just might put him there when all is said and done.

    1. LOL is all I'm saying!!
      You will find out exactly what Mace is soon and why
      Also Gravel - why he is doing all this.

  2. O__________O

    Welp, guess I won't have to be feeling sorry for Mace anymore! Effing Gravel....WHAT DID YOU DO?!

    1. Lol - I've been sat laughing when people have been saying they feel sorry for Mace! Although it isn't over yet lol
      Gravel 0.O he's a piece of work alright!!

  3. Whoa, you surprised me when it was Mace on the other end of the line conspiring with Gravel. I wonder what dirt Gravel has on Mace that makes him so loyal to him, or if Mace really is having just as much fun manipulating Granite as Gravel is. Gravel really doesn't know what true love feels like does he? His shock over how Forrest and Granite both still love each other and him thinking it was ridiculous shows that he's quite a cynic in that department. I wonder if he loves Coral, or if he just thinks he loves Coral.