Monday 19 September 2016

Rock 39b

Mango slowly strolls off down the corridor while he is talking to Bay on the phone.  He has now wandered off out of our ear shot, and seems to be having quite an intense conversation with Bayleaf, while he keeps his eye mostly on Slate.  I can only guess that he is filling Bay in about Slates melt down.

      "Slate I'm sorry!!  I thought you understood why I did what I did."  Forrest mumbles which annoys me.
      "For Berry's sake Forrest ... can't you just leave the boy alone!!"  I snap at Forrest.
      "I WILL NEVER understand why you hid the truth from me!!!"  Slate jumps up and starts to rare at Forrest. 


      "Here was me thinking I should give you the benefit of the doubt even though it pains me ... after what Mace just said, now I find out Dad feels exactly the same way as I do ... I HATE YOU and I will NEVER forgive you either!!  You helped that man take me and turn my whole life into a lie ... you helped that man keep my real Dad away and you helped him abuse all of us!!  If you had only told me the truth I could have had my real Dad found somehow, but you made sure you stopped me from doing that didn't you!!  You even hid my Mother's photographs from me, you knew how much it cut me up never knowing what she looked like and all along you had a damn book full of her photo's that you could easily have shown me ... but no, you just selfishly watched me suffer instead!!"  

I notice Slate is slowly letting things slip out that he has not mentioned before, and has probably been quietly stewing over.  We have talked a lot me and Slate, but this is the first time I've ever heard him mentioning his Mother and the problem that he seems to have.  Slate's arms fly in Forrest's direction and I think he is going to start punching him again.  Dad is quick to jump on Slate and pull him back.

       "WHY?!  I just don't get it!!"
       "I am sorry, but like I've already explained ..."
       "Forget your rubbish excuses, there is nothing you can say that will EVER make this better!!!  Like it wasn't bad enough that you hid everything, I also blame you for the night that man went phyco on everyone!!  Atlas has admitted that you both ignored the warning, you jumped on a plane and came back here instead of phoning Cinnamon or Dad like you'd been told to.  You always have to control everything don't you ... it was you showing up that made him shoot everyone because FINALLY you decided to tell the truth, when you was ready not twenty years ago when you should have!!"  he snaps sarcastically  "It should have been an easy arrest where nobody got hurt - but no, you messed it up because yet again you do what suits you - it's your fault Dad's down here, its your fault Mace is in the mess he is in, it's your fault Grandad and Atlas got shot, it's your fault Cinnamon has faded.  At least Atlas feels guilty, has apologized a thousand times over and does not sleep at night - but you, you don't give a shit do you!!  Its a little ironic don't you think that you and the slut were the only ones to walk out of that house unharmed.    I am NEVER EVER going to forgive you for any of it ... and Berry help you if anything happens to my Dad ... if I lose him before I have even got to know him, you are seriously going to pay!!"


Mango is off the phone, he has stood listening for a while, but now has to come flying down the corridor, to help Dad with Slate, who has launched himself at Forrest again and he is too strong for the old man to handle in the rage that he is inAt first they struggle with him, Mango even threatened to have him sedated at one point, but then he just suddenly  gives up fighting them and collapses into a blubbering heap on the floor and breaks down.   I feel totally useless sat trapped in this chair and not being able to help.
It takes quite a while for Dad and Mango to calm and settle Slate down again, which is painful for me to watch.  Forrest strolled off and sits down a little away from us all, while he continuously scowled at me mostly.  Yet again he sits there and appears to be hard faced and emotionless.  I sit quietly crying and feel useless again, sat in my wheelchair, which makes things very awkward for me now, I can't just get up and sit with him and try to help comfort him, like I want to and normally would have tried to do.

Slate now is continuously saying he wants Bay, like he's a child crying for his Mother when he's hurt and upset.  Bay had told Mango that Caramel, his Mother, is at work and he is watching Alpine, his Dad, who I've been told has brain damage from a hit and run.   Bay said that as soon as he can get someone to sit with his Dad, he would be in.  So Slate might have to wait a while before Bay turns up, which really did not help his mood.

A doctor pops his head out of the door and calls Mango.  He only disappears into the room for a short time before he came back out again. 

      "It is okay for someone to sit in with Granite for half an hour, before we take him down to theatre.  I'm sorry it can only be one of you."  he smiles at me as he says it, like he is expecting me to make the decision.  I look at both Dad and Slate for a moment.
       "I think Slate should go in first ... I'll see him later."  I mumble, hating what I am hearing myself saying, because all I really want to do is be selfish and go into Granite myself.  However, I really think that Slate needs to be sat there spending time with him, he needs space away from Forrest and it will help to distract him while he waits for Bay to turn up.

      "I am really glad you had the good sense to send Slate in first."  Mango smiles at me after Slate has gone into Granite and is no longer within earshot.  "While he is not here, Shale, I need to speak to you about him."  he turns from me to Dad.  "I have already explained to Bay, in view of the state of Slate's mind right now, and these melt downs he's started having, I am not going to be discharging Slate tomorrow as planned."
       "Yes, I think that might be wise."  Dad mumbles  "The boy does seem a little unhinged all of a sudden."
       "In view of what is going on, his planned living arrangements are now concerning meI want to keep him here, where I can keep an eye on him and get him the medical attention that he obviously needs."  he smiles at us  "I will be going into theatre with Granite shortly, so when I'm finished I will sit Slate down and explain my reasons to him then, but I would appreciate you not talking to him about it until I have had a chance to speak to him first.
      "What about the living arrangements?"  Forrest strolls up to us
      "I know that Granite wants every one together under one roof, but Slate living with you at yours Forrest is not exactly the best place for him to be right now is it, when you obviously seem to be a big part of what is troubling him!!"
       "Don't keep him in on my account ... I've already been told I'm a complication they could do without, if I am so much of a problem to everyone, I will have a word with Bay, I could always move into Bay's temporarily ... besides Granite has already suggested it ..."  he snaps sarcastically  "and I don't exactly want to be living under the same roof as that snivelling drama queen anyway!!"  he points at me
       "Regardless of if you do that or not, I have never seen Slate this unhinged, and it pains me to say, I partly blame myselfI should have sent him down to psych after he took the overdose, but I let him talk me out of it against my better judgement.  I am now kicking myself, I knew the police operation was on going and he had a lot more coming to him, but still I let him talk me round, I doubt I'll sleep until that boy is back in one piece!!  He obviously needs some kind of counselling at least, and psychiatric care is the best place for him."  


      "Slate is really not going to appreciate you sending him down to psych - you know how dead set against it he has been!!"  Forrest grumbles
      "I'm sorry, but it is for his own good, unfortunately it needs to be done.  I told you he has not been dealing with his problems properly emotionally, and this just proves it.  Seeing Gravel, Granite taking a turn for the worst and the problems he has with you Forrest seem to have unhinged himI think you know Dr Rock, with Sepsis, Granite will get a whole lot worse before he gets better."  Mango pulls a face  "That boy has had way too much thrown at him since this all began, and there is still a lot more yet to come, if he is not handling it now, he will be a basket case before all this is over!!"
      "Didn't he threaten to discharge himself if you sent him to psych?"
      "Yes, but we will have to make him see it if for his own good, and if the worst comes to the worst, he will have to be sectioned.  He has me and Lilly, all his new family, Bay, Mosaic and Parsley to help him through it, even and especially Tapestry, you know he's had his sessions with psych, and look how he has turned out."  he chuckles for a moment  
       "Is Tap still seeing his ghosts?"
       "Yeah, I doubt that will ever change."  Mango laughs  "We need to get Slate right before we lose him completely!!  This sudden obsession he has with Bay is also really worrying me and my Grandchildren will need their Dad because I doubt their Mother is going to be a lot of good to them the way she is carrying on at the moment!!  That is IF they are his ... because you know that is something else that is slowly unhinging him, the not knowing.  Berry help us if they do turn out to be Gravels.
      "Who is on surgical rotation today?"
       "My Dad luckily, so there was no arguments with me taking over and him assisting."  Mango chuckles to himself  
      "Can I scrub in?"  Forrest asks suddenly
      "Hell No ... you can't let him!!"  I yell at mango  "You are off your head Forrest ... Mango he is pissed ... I can smell his whisky aftershave from here ... I'm surprised you can't!!"
       "The answer would have been no anyway Mace.  Dr Rock seems a little out of sorts today, and he knows the hospital rule - he is not allowed to go into theatre with someone he is married to, even if they are estranged!!"  Mango smiles at me for a second before he turns to Forrest.  "Dr Rock have you been drinking?"

Forrest just stares off into space with a glazed look on his face and says nothing.     


    "I take it by your silence you have.  Well Dr Rock ... today just keeps getting better and better for you doesn't it!!"  he snaps sarcastically  "I have smelt alcohol, but I wasn't sure which one of you it was, I was actually beginning to suspect it was Slate.  The last person I dreamt it would be is you!!"  Mango scowls at Forrest
    "Only HE is selfish enough to be around Granite stinking of alcohol ... he is no better than Gravel!!"  I snap sarcastically  "Drunk in charge of Neurology takes the piss, excuse the pun!!  Not even Granite could be that stupid!!"  Forrest glares at me and I smirk at himI don't care, I am going to help make the hole bigger that he is digging for himself, the more trouble he can get into the better for me!!
       "Shut up idiot - here you go again, over exaggerating ... I am far from pissed!!"
       "Pissed or not - you are still intoxicated Doctor and responsible for putting Gran back in ICU because you haven't been doing your job properly!!"  I snap sarcastically  "and now you are asking to go into theatre with him!!  You are a joke!!  I would rather be done for your murder than let you lay one single finger on Granite EVER again!!"  I am beginning to get irate now
       "Okay Mace!!  Calm down - let Mango deal with it, you've said enough!"  Dad snaps as he puts his hand on my shoulder.
       "NO!!  I haven't said nearly enough!!  I am sick of him walking around here making out that I'm the bad guy and he's hard done by ... everyone needs to see what only me and Slate can see!!"  I snap  "What makes this worse Forrest ... you have obviously been drinking on the job, your shift hasn't finished yet has it!!!  Is it any wander Gran has ended up back down here!!"  I snap at him  "You went AWOL for ages ... where have you been, in the dive bar knocking them back because you have lost control of Granite and don't like what he is telling you, instead of being here at work giving Granite and all the other patients the medical attention they should have been getting!?"

I see Mango check his watch then he scowls quite nastily at Forrest

        "Oops ... I think I just grassed you up!!"  I laugh sarcastically  "But I'm not going to apologize because I've taken enough shit from you since I woke up in here!!"
        "You are so going to pay for this!!"  he rares at me
        "No I think you are!!"  I scowl at him

       "You've been drinking when you know Gran was born with an alcohol addiction and FAS, an addiction that will never leave him."  I snap at him  "Just the smell of it sets him off and you know that!!  He has been to hell and back to fight and beat his addiction and turn himself into a decent person, a fight that he still has every single day, and you don't even respect that!!  You say you love him, yet you have the nerve to show up here stinking of booze, that just shows how selfish you are!!   Like he doesn't already have enough to deal with, without you setting off his craving stinking like a drunk!!!!   What are you trying to do, send him off his rocker and get him back on the booze trying to finish what Gravel started?!  I reckon you have done this on purpose!!"
        "Shut up you stupid idiot!!"  he snaps
        "Why, I wouldn't put it past you seeing the selfish, sly, twisted control freak that you are .... You hid the truth and kept Slate and Granite apart for only one reasons that we can see ... your dislike of children.  We think you would rather be without him than have to share him with his own child, who you know would have been his life, putting you in second place.  Jealous spite!!   That was one of Gravels problems and you've spent too much time in Gravels company for his ways not to rub off on you, you are spiteful and twisted enough and you do have a motive ..."
      "Don't make me laugh ... come on then lets hear this half baked fantasy of yours!!"  he laughs at me
       "Granite told you earlier he is NEVER going back to you, even when they have locked me up, and he wants a divorce because he's marrying me ... so what is it ... if you can't have him then you are making sure that I don't either, just like you did with Slate!!  A little suspicious don't you think that you have messed up quite a few times with Granite already and you leave us both without any medical attention all afternoon - especially Granite in his condition ... now you come in stinking like a drunk."
      "Oh please!!  I hope none of you are listing to the convicts over exaggerated rubbish!!"  

         "Who is over exaggerating ... You never expected Gran to come back a different person,  he is not the pathetic lap dog that he used to be and you have lost control of him.  He has told you that he has moved onto a better place and does not want you any more, its over and finished - and that has shocked you!!  The twisted control freak won't have that - so now he's being sly and devious, playing games to get his own way and what he wants - Granite back!!"  I snap sarcastically  "I think you have already worked out that the only way you are keeping me and Granite apart, is either getting him back on the booze and taking control of him again, or by fading one of us!!  I bet you are kicking yourself for not turning me into a cabbage or finishing me off when you had the chance and had me on the operating table, but you didn't think I was any threat to you then, did you!!  I need to start sleeping with one eye open, because I'm expecting to wake up faded!!!"  I glance at Dad  "See Dad, I bet you have never thought about Forrest being a suspect for the death threats ... well maybe you should!!"
      "Just shut up ... seriously, you are a twat!!"
      "I wouldn't put it past you, or to have left me paralysed on purpose, just for good measure, thinking Granite was shallow enough to not want to be saddled with me being a permanent cripple - well you was wrong about that too wasn't you!!  He told you this afternoon - he loves me regardless of my useless legs!!"  I laugh sarcastically  
        "Everyone knows I am a professional doctor and wouldn't do that - not even to you!!  I don't even know why we are listening to your shit, because now you are just being down right ridiculous!!"  Forrest snaps angrily
        "Am I?"  I snap back  "I'm a Brownie remember and for the first eleven years of my life, I grew up surrounded by low life, seeing all kinds of sly and twisted ... you remind me of them - because you are one of them!!  Just like Gravel, you put up this almost angelic front, to hide the evil and twisted berry hole lurking underneath!!  I can see straight through you, even if nobody else can ... you are a control freak, sly and twisted and will do anything to get your own way and what you want!!"
        "I'm neither sly or twisted!!"  he yells at me
        "Oh no!!"  I laugh sarcastically  "You are so twisted you play gay, even though it repulses the hell out of you!!  You have made everyone think you are gay when really you are as straight as they come!!

        "Says you ... your wife and child ... pot calling the kettle!!"  he snaps at me
        "Everyone knew I would rather be gay, even my wife!!  I never hid it from her like I had to hide it from my Brownie family and I was very happy to play straight because I wanted children!!  You see I enjoy sleeping with a woman just as much as with a man.  Unlike you, you enjoy sleeping with women, but it repulses you to be with another man doesn't it you only play gay just to manipulate!!  It helped you keep full control of Granite, as well as keeping him all to yourself!!"
         "Don't talk shit ... everyone knows I am gay ..."
         "Only because it is what you have made them believe, but Granite will openly admit that you are not gay and should be with a woman not a man!!  Yours and Granite's sex life really was a joke, wasn't it ... I can explain why if you want me to!!"  I laugh for a moment while he scowls at me nastily.
         "I think you need to shut up!!"  I laugh at him
        "Oh I'm far from done yet, and here is the kickerGran is seriously going to laugh his bollocks off when he hears about your dirty secrets that I've been keeping!!  Sly as you, aren't you ... just like Gravel, that is why it didn't take him long to clock you sneaking around with your piece of skirt, when you thought nobody knew what you was up to!!  You have the perfect cover don't you, all the husbands and boyfriends trust you with their woman because they think you are gay, how stupid are they and they don't even know it!!  Trying to make out you are gay and have been totally faithful to Granite for the past twenty years ... bull shit!!"
          "Are you off your head!?  And you believed him, ... like that man doesn't lie about everything ...."
          "Yeah I have to admit, the first time he told me, I took it with a pinch of salt because I know what he's like, but he is not the only blatant liar amongst us is he, and you can't deny it, because I've heard it all from the bitch herself ...  maybe it's time everyone saw you for what and who you really are ... sly, twisted and capable of anything especially behind their backs ... "  I laugh for a moment  "You've got a nerve giving Granite hell over me, when all along you've got a secret girlfriend on the side."

          "You are talking shit!!"  he snaps, I am not sure he believes that I know.
          "You know I'm not and I can prove it!!"  I grin at him  "Chapter and verse she has given me about your two's love life, especially your sex life ..."
          "She wouldn't tell you, she doesn't even know you!!"  he snaps giving himself away
          "How have you not seen her visiting me in here and sat round Gran's bedOh I forgot, you two are very good at ignoring each other when any of the 'EF' are around aren't you."  I grin at him  "Maybe instead of fixating on Granite you should try to keep your woman under control, especially her loose tongue, but then she is half your age and needs to grow up a bit yet!!"  I laugh for a second  "It amuses me the things she tells me, I think my favourite so far is that it turns you on when she wear blue underwear, kinky that when neither of you are blue!!"
         "For Fudge sake!!"  Forrest snaps, I think more to himself.  "Why you?"   
        "Why do you think!!  She has latched onto me for good reason ... like me, she would love nothing more than to keep you and Granite apart permanently!!  I guess she thinks we can help each other and is hoping I'll spill the beans to Gran ..."
      "Don't you dare!!"  he snaps
      "I'm done keeping secrets, especially from Granite, and its about time everyone found out the truth, so me and Gran can get on with our lives together without everyone's disapproval and you interfering.  Also everyone needs to stop feeling sorry for you, because you really don't deserve it!!"  I smirk at him  "Boy is everyone going to be pissed when they find out who you are shagging!!  Half the town will be after your ass especially when it all comes out about bitch number two because miss loose tongue isn't the only one is she Forrest!!"  I start laughing  "Bitch number two has also been sat round mine and Gran's bed, but she's very discreet, she keeps your gay secret because who would ever suspect the two of you and her marriage is at stake isn't it if you two ever get found out!!"
       "More of Gravels bullshit!!"  he snaps
       "Oh no, if Gravel knew about number two he didn't tell me!!   You have slipped up on more than one occasions, messing about with both of your bitches by my bed thinking I was out of it ... babe ... honey .... they even have their own pet names don't they and you always take it to your office don't you."  I grin at him as a look of sheer panic flashes across Forrests face  "I wander if they know about each other?  I have got both of your bitches on speed dial, would you rather I just name them now or shall I phone them and get them in here ..."

 He goes for me then, I know because he is desperate to shut me up and stop me.

Forrest tries to punch me in the face, I manage to dodge the full force of his fist, but I still get a punch to the head.  Dad and Mango jump on him and pull him off me, but as they pull him away, he grabs a hold of me and pulls me out of my wheelchair and onto the floor.  I hit my head pretty hard on the tiled floor in the fall.

      "Mango, as Granites registered next of kin, I'm telling you now ... I want Forrest keeping completely away from Granite!!  If you don't keep that drunk twisted incompetent doctor away from him PERMANANTLY, I'm getting him transfered to Raspberry or I'll get one of his colleagues from Cherry transferred in, who will have his best interest at heart and who can do their job properly!!"  I snap as they help me up off the floor and sit me on the couch. 
       "Don't worry, in view of the circumstances and today's events, Forrest will be taking time out, he will no longer be attending to Granites medical needs."  he smiles at me  "You just hit your head off the floor."
      "Yeah."  I laugh, it amuses me that he even noticed.

He starts to inspect then feel my healing scalp carefully with his fingers, then checks my eyes and asks me to follow his finger.  He smiles at me.

        "You need to tell me straight away if you start getting a headache or blurred vision."  he stands there rubbing the back of his neck while he frowns  "I'll organise a CT scan before I go into theatre."
        "Is something wrong?"  Dad steps up and starts to look worried
        "No, it's just a precaution, his scalp is still a little on the soft side and I'd rather be safe than sorry.  The last thing we need is Mace flaking out on us because he has had a thump and bang to the head!!"  

He pulls Forrest to one side quite roughly.

      "What the hell is wrong with you?"  Mango snaps
      "Nothing a gag, a court trial and prison sentence won't fix!"  Forrest laughs.
      "This is not a damn joke Forrest!!"  Mango yells at him  "I know you and Mace have issues with each other, and I, like everyone else are damn sick of listening to you two fighting over Granite - but this, today, now it has gone WAY TOO FAR!!  Like it is not already bad enough, you resort to insults and violence!!  You just want to hope you haven't aggravated his head injury or you might just find yourself for the high jump especially if Mace makes a complaint and has you done for assault!!"

      "You seriously need to get a grip!!  I told you did I not, on more than one occasions, that this was all way too close to home and you wouldn't handle it and I was right!!"
       "I'm dealing with it just fine ...."
       "Seriously!?  Forrest, you need to take a step back and a good look at the mess you are making."  he snaps  "Work wise, you have seriously let me and yourself down today!!  If Mace didn't have the good sense to wake Slate up, if Granite had been left till the morning, this could already have been fatal, and it would have been on your head!!  You could have picked up on the sepsis before dinner if you had been paying attention, but you have let your personal life and quarrels with Granite and Mace interfere with your job ... you have totally gone off the rails today.  Drinking during work hours ... you are better than this and I think you also know - I can't just ignore it!!"
       "I know I'm sorry!"  he mumbles quietly
       "Is any of what Mace is saying true?  I have to ask, have you done any of this on purpose in a fit of spite?"
       "I think you know me better than that ..."  he says as he stares off into space  "You know he is a drama queen, the idiot will say anything to get me into trouble and out of the way!!"
       "You are actually doing a damn good job of removing yourself from this situation, without any help from Mace!!"  Mango snaps  "I have to say, your attitude right now stinks to high heaven, I'm cringing every time you needlessly insult him, so I dread to think how he is feeling.  This is all very out of character for you ... you drinking during working hours for a start ... How and when?!"
       "I had to run Alpine new meds, because Fudge phoned me flapping, he dropped the tub into the sink and washed most of them away.  He was starting to rock and roll, due his meds but there weren't enough to cover his dose.  I had to get Bay in because Alpine was getting hard to handle, too much for Fudge especially being pregnant.   On my way back ...  I ...  I had a quick half to settle my nerves when I passed the dive bar because Granite had upset me with our arguments and the divorce crap!!"
       "A quick half ... "  he laughs sarcastically  "More like half a bottle, by the smell of you!!"  Mango snaps  "You should have phoned me if you needed time out ... Granite wanting a divorce, is this why you have been so pre-occuppied all afternoon."
       "Pretty much,  we kept arguing and he upset me, I lost my head for a little while, I'm sorry!!"  he mumbles  "Everything he said about me trying to bump Granite of is bullshit ... you know I would never hurt him intentionally!!"
       "So, how long have you NOT been gay?"  Mango asks suddenly which amuses me  "I want the truth!!"
        "I ... "  there is a long awkward silence while he just glares at me
         "Go on tell him!!"  I snap at him  "Or I'll give up your bitches - both of them!!"
         "Never ... okay, I've never been gay!!"  he mumbles  "SATISFIED!!"  he glares at me

Mango amuses me, he stands there for a moment staring at Forrest, quite a few different expressions wash across his face.  I am laughing now - I have got Forrest right where I want him and I think he knows it!!

         "I don't get it!!  This is just messed up!!  If you are not gay ... then what the hell is all this with Granite?  What the hell have I been seeing since we were kids, what the hell have I been watching and not seeing for the last twenty years?"
         "I love him!!  You know yourself, you can't help who you fall in love with, it was just my bad luck he is male."
         "Actually Forrest ... I doubt very much that you do love him."  Dad interupts quietly
         "You would say that!!"  Forrest snaps   "I guess you are on his side, and no doubt you would love me out of the way too!!  You have always done your damnedest to split me and Granite up haven't you!!"
         "Yes and with good reason ... me and Atlantis should have put our foot down firmer with your Mothers, but instead we let them over rule us for a quiet life!!  While they thought your relationshp was cute, we could both see how unhealthy it was becoming and it had nothing to do with you showing signs of being gay, before you even say it!!"  Forrest frowns at him   "Like I've told Granite you two were always way to obsessed with each other in an unhealthy way from when you was toddlers ... you manipulating and controlling him and him jumping at your every word and leaning on you for absolutely everything!!   It is control and emotional attachment that has you two holding onto each other so desperately, not love."  he laughs   "We can all see, even you I think, that Granite is in love with Mace, even if he doesn't fully realise it himself yet, because of the hold you had over himAll these years that the pair of you have wasted pining after each other, because you have mistaken this emotional attachment for love.  I for one am very happy you have had this time apart, it has allowed him to become himself, instead of the muppet you made him!!  Granite is finally coming round to seeing the truth, because of his relationship with Mace, now its about time you did the same, and let it go!!"
       "That is just rubbish!!"  he snaps at Dad  "You don't have a clue how I feel old man!!"
       "If you two had truely loved each other, you would have found a way, it would never have kept you apart.  Forrest, I have been watching you quite closely, and you say you love Granite, but you have a damn funny way of showing it!!"  Dad snaps back  "I think its time me and you sat down and had a little chat." 
        "Whatever!!"  Forrest snaps 

I sit cringing, expecting Dad to start kicking off at Forrest, us kids saying 'whatever' to him disrespectably always riles him up, so we know better than to do it.  He does not get a chance to react because Mango interrupts.  

        "So who are they - these two women of yours?"  Mango asks suddenly

        "It doesn't matter who they are!!"  Forrest snaps  "It's nobody's business but mine and anyway its over!!"  he glares at me for a moment  "I finished it, we stopped seeing each other when Granite came back!!"
        "It does matter, these things always come out eventually.   If Mace says everyone is going to be pissed ... what did he say, half the town will be after your ass ... one of them is married, that sounds like trouble to me!!  He said a few things I didn't like the sound of, the one's age and you hiding your relationship from the extended family, so I am guessing they are both one of us ... So ... ?"
         "So forget it!!  It is better you don't know, and I'm in enough trouble already don't you think without dragging them into it!!  It has only ever been a sex thing, and never really been serious ..."
         "Not for you maybe!!"  I snap  "I don't know about your married bitch - but miss loose tongue - She sees it totally differently!!  She loves you and you have treated her like shit, haven't you ... clinging onto Granite and beating her with him, just like he used to beat me with you!!  Someone else who knew Slate had an Uncle and that you was married to him, because of pillow talk, but she too chose to keep her gob shut for you didn't she!!   Because of the way you keep picking her up and dumping her, you have messed her head up so much, that is why she is off her head and doing stupid stuff just to get your attention ..."
         "SHUT UP MACE!!"   he snaps  "PLEASE Don't say anything else - you have already said too much!!"
         "Oh he finally calls me Mace!!"  I laugh for a moment  "Why should I do you any favours after the way you have treated me?!"
         "It is not me you will be hurting ... it is her and ... everyone else ..."
         "Oh, you mean the boyfriend and the husband ... miss loose tongues poor guy doesn't realise she's only killing time with him because she can't have you."  I grin at him, because I am now having fun with this, especially watching him squirm.  "The parents ... oh you will be hurting all right when they catch up with you, especially the Dads!!I laugh  "But they won't be the only ones hacked off with you, will they, I should imagine  ... and you are a liar ... finished it when Granite came back - my ass - not only have I seen you messing about with both of them since I've been in here, you was shagging one of them not three days ago ... would you like me to remind you when and where?"  I smirk at him.
         "SHUT UP!!!  I AM WARNING YOU!!"  Forrest snaps as he points his finger at me, I know I can't push it any further because he is getting very angrily, and I'm likely to get another thump if I keep pushing him.
         "This needs to stop!!  I really don't like the sound of all this ...."  Mango mutters as he frowns at Forrest  "Just tell me it is NOT Coral or Fudge!!"
         "HELL NO!!!"  Forrest snaps at him "It is definitely not Coral or Fudge!!" 

I just sit laughing at Forrest who stands scowling at me.   


       "Anyway, this nonsense isn't getting us anywhere!!  Right now I'm not interested in giving myself yet another headache because of your love life, even though I get the feeling I have one coming!!  What I am concerned about is your antics during work hours today."  Mango says  "I'm sorry Forrest, but in light of what has happened today on my department and your gross misconduct ... I've got no choice, but to suspend you until I've investigated this properly.
     "You are joking!!  You know me, this today was a one off, it won't happen again!!"
     "No I'm sorry ... I thought I knew you, we are supposed to be best mates and yet it seems, I really don't know who you are at all ... do I!?"
      "Like we haven't worked together and been mates for the last twenty years - you know I'm a damn good doctor and Surgeon and it's rare for me to mess up!!  My sexuality or who I've been sleeping with shouldn't even come into this and Please don't let what he says cloud your judgement ... his conspiracy theories are just fantacy bullshit ..."
        "I'm not judging you on your sexuality, your bed partners or Mace's theories, just the facts about your work conduct today, all of which I don't think I am fully aware of yet, but from what I have learnt so far ... as a doctor you have messed up big time today because you have let yourself be distracted!!  Yes, you are a good doctor and surgeon, when you are focused, which you are obviously not right now!!  Granite has always turned your head to mush, you've been drinking and violently attacked a patient, so yet again, you are in no fit state to be working, especially around Granite who I should never have let you treat in a medical capacity from the start!!  Until this matter has been sorted out and Granite has been discharged, I don't want you on my department, so you can consider yourself on paid leave."

Slate wanders out of Granites room.

    "Dr Muffin, they are waiting on you.  The Spicy Muffin has arrived and theatre one is now free and being cleaned, so they will be preparing Dad for theatre in about ten minutes.
     "Okay Slate, I'll be two minutes."  Mango mumbles
     "I thought Mace should sit in with him until they take him down."  he smiles at me
         "Forrest ... go home and I'll phone you!!"
         "No, I'm waiting here, till I know Gran is alright and out of theatre!!"  he snaps
         "Might I remind you, you are now suspended!!  Please don't make this harder for me or any worse for yourself, because you know I could get security to escort you off the premises if I had a mind to."  Mango snaps  "I am not having you setting Slate off again or a war going on out in this corridor between you and Mace.   So as your mate, I am asking you nicely, please, go home!!  I will phone you as soon as I'm done in theatre!!"


Forrest storms off down the corridor without looking at anyone or saying anything else Mango watches him for a moment with a far away trouble expression on his face. 

      "Right Mace, lets get you into see Granite while I sort out your meds and CT Scan."  he smiles as he walks over to take control of my empty wheelchair, which I need to get into.   




  1. Forrest just keeps getting worse. I can help but wonder if he's the one that Sunny's wife has been sleeping with. It's been a while since I read that chapter but didn't she have a child that wasn't Sunny's? I wonder if it's his? Evil vile person he should be locked up right along side Gravel. Slate and Granite are right to blame him for his part in the crime of keeping them apart.

    1. Yeah Ruby does have a child that isn't Sunnys. Scarlets Dad will come out in a through colourblind eyes chapter most likely - as Tap has to get involved in it.

      Talking about TCE - I will be starting with that again soon - Im in the middle of writing chapters - ive got three on the go at the moment. I had hoped that I could catch up this side with the main chapters because they are quite a way apart and i will be letting things out that side that will spoil things this side - but its my own fault because i get too carried away. This Rock story was never meant to be much - but it grew into something that has taken over my brain - my addiction with Granite and Mace LOL
      I need to find a way to just concentrate on Tapestry - and keep all the Rock - Shine and vampire stuff over here I'm now seriously kicking myself for having Vanilla as the 3rd gen heir - I should have made Shadow heir - but now cant even switch them because he is orange and not yellow :(